Top 15 Websites built with react

The ReactJS library has adversely gained popularity over the years. It is considered as the most efficient and flexible front-end JavaScript library to build the magnificent user interfaces. Hence, it became the most preferred and liked library among developers and organizations to build websites with ReactJS. In past years, there are many renowned websites built with ReactJS, hence serving as an excellent opportunity for other websites as well. ReactJS becomes one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks because of its core objective of offering the best rendering performance. It allows developers to break down the user interface while building into simpler components and focus working on individual components. The ReactJS developers can save themselves from working on the whole web application. ReactJS development is based on MVC architecture, hence provides developers the ability to build dynamic web page templates. As a result, developers and organizations prefer websites built with ReactJS. With its extra simplicity and flexibility, it becomes the most popular and preferred library for building websites with ReactJS. These features and such ease of working with ReactJS development have made it immensely popular for web development. Many renowned and top companies are attracted to ReactJS development’s capabilities from their business point of view. As a result, we have compiled a list of some best and top websites built with ReactJS. websites built with ReactJS Source: AnyforSoft Website Top Websites Built on ReactJS Facebook Facebook is a world-famous social networking service, enabling Billions of its users to connect with their friends, family and acquaintances. It also provides an opportunity to look for new connections as well based on the user’s preferences. This wonderful and one of the most liked platforms among users is the websites built with ReactJS. It is the most prominent social networking website in the world, with a whopping number of 2.5 Billion users. The React library was initially built on Facebook. Facebook used ReactJS development for building some significant parts of its Main Page. The Mobile Application of Facebook is also built with ReactJS. It is the responsible library to display the Android and iOS Native components. In 2017, Facebook completely rewrote the React version, i.e., React Fiber. It becomes the foundation of any feature development and improvements with the React framework. Hence, the React library becomes more responsive. It included the component architecture, allows comment on Facebook, Notification and Post Reactions to be displayed without the requirement of reloading the page. Apart from that, the Facebook team put forward a lot of effort in growing React and providing a lot of useful information for the new developers to start learning and working with it. Instagram Instagram is also a social networking platform that allows sharing photos and videos to a definite group of followers. It is also one of the top socializing websites built with ReactJS. Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger are the two responsible name’s and the developer’s of Instagram. As per the Instagram Statistics, the platform serves more than 1 Billion active users on a monthly basis. It is a brilliant example of a single page web application, which is completely built ReactJS, and the designers made sure to contribute the React code with JSX. It is a highly responsive, lightning, and fast React website built as claimed by its creator. Instagram is a highly responsive platform with less than milliseconds for user events. According to Statista, about 17 percent of the total users are from a desktop. Hence, using ReactJS provides numerous cool features on the web application for desktop users. Some of the major and considerable additions in Instagram websites built with ReactJS are APIs, Google Maps, Progressing Loading, Geolocations, Optimization, Media Storage, Cropping and Padding transformation, Ima


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